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    Information Title Release Date
   Introduction to the process of two-color die 2017.05.23
   Dongguan Changan plastic mold factory is better? 2017.05.08
   Plastic mold production requirements? 2017.04.28
   Hexagon element height gauge 2017.04.20
   Plastic mold industry in recent years will usher in a new development? 2017.04.11
   Comprehensive mold processing 2017.04.10
   Double color plastic mold 2017.03.30
   Plastic mold manufacturing process 2017.03.29
   New development trend of Die & Mould Technology 2017 2017.03.28
   Plastic mold design should pay attention to which points? 2017.03.27
   The future development of plastic mold speed will be higher than other molds 2017.03.27
   Die making process 2016.06.11
   The Swiss hexagon three dimension has been installed OK 2016.05.30
   What is the structure of plastic mold? 2016.05.30
   Hot runner processing of plastic mould 2016.05.19
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ADD:No.15,Xinle Road,Jiangbei Villiage,Wusha Community,Chang'an Town,Dongguan
Tel:0769-85315080  Fax:0769-85315046